By John Accornero

HOW I Market property:

69 STEP Marketing the Property Process:

1. A “FOR SALE” sign will be placed prominently on your property.

2. Text property information rider will be added to “FOR SALE” sign.

3. A “lockbox” will be installed on the property to facilitate the showing process.

4. Our professional photographer will be ordered to take interior/exterior photos.

5. Our professional videographer will be ordered to take interior/exterior video, including aerial.

6. Your home will be promptly submitted to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The remarks section will be customized to maximize the appeal to cooperating agents, and a maximum of 30 photos will be p...

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Sell your home yourself and save the commission!

Its tempting. After all, why pay that agent $30,000? To do what?

The short answer....lawyers don't represent themselves, doctors don't treat themselves, etc.

The grit: buyers "looking for a deal" are going to target you and offer a price less than listed and it could be disastrous.

This averages nationally about 5% of your sales price.

You're going to spend the money or lose it to discounting. WHY NOT JUST FREE UP YOUR TIME?

If you want to be that agent you must:

  1. Feature the home on a broker tour
  2. Field calls all hours of the day
  3. Compile marketing and distribute it
  4. Take professional photographs , compose 3 d marketing
  5. Call everyone you know, broadcast to ...
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How Do You Reside?

By John Accornero

Your Ideal Home...what one feature must you have?

Rent To Own Exposed

By John Accornero

Rent to own seems like a great idea. What is not better than having your rent payment apply towards a purchase of a home? Do you want to own the house you rent? To boot you have poor credit ( well maybe).

First off lets get some clarity here. You have only a few years to make up your mind to buy the home. Its usually no more than two years. This is usually not enough time to accumulate a down payment.

Secondly only a portion like 20 or 30% of your rent payment go towards the principle .

Here is an analysis:

What are the disadvantages?

A rent-to-own agreement is a legally binding contract and, as with any contract, you have to be able to deliver. If you can’t follow through with the home pu...

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Lately there has been numerous ads on the radio by a discount broker that claims to only charge 1% to list your home

(Rex Realty). It sounds good because they claim other Realtors charge you an outrageous fee of 6%. This is almost a Redfin strategy. Statiscally discount brokers fade away because discounting costs everyone and services still have a fixed price.
They actually claim that they target the actual buyer by bypassing the MLS. This is harmful for two reasons: Would you rather a few agents sell and market your property OR the 168 agents in my office alone sell your property....perhaps FASTER!
Many buyers get information from Zillow, Trulia, and which uses the MLS as a feed so...

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Cleaning up Real Estate

By Melissa Garcia

Recently I read an article on Inman News stating how we needed to do some housecleaning in real estate.

Basically It boils down to a few areas: under qualified agents and big data,

If you really look at things, there is not much we can do about the data part. Consumers have much power and Zillow, et al are here to stay.

We can control ourselves. Much of this is my own take on it.

First lets start at the bottom;

Licenses are fairly easy to get, Just know the state rules and take a test. No college necessary really. No customer services skills at all needed.

What I would change is that you need to be able to describe the parts of a buyer contract or seller contract and be evaluated on it. Kinda like...

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