Do Discount Brokers Save You Money?

By John Accornero

Lately there has been numerous ads on the radio by a discount broker that claims to only charge 1% to list your home

(Rex Realty). It sounds good because they claim other Realtors charge you an outrageous fee of 6%. This is almost a Redfin strategy. Statiscally discount brokers fade away because discounting costs everyone and services still have a fixed price.
They actually claim that they target the actual buyer by bypassing the MLS. This is harmful for two reasons: Would you rather a few agents sell and market your property OR the 168 agents in my office alone sell your property....perhaps FASTER!
Many buyers get information from Zillow, Trulia, and which uses the MLS as a feed source. WHY DO YOU WANT LESS BUYER CHOICES? I know I want all qualified buyers for my property.
There is a lot that goes into the fee besides two commissions. Many times I subsidize the home warranty, pay for a repair, etc FROM MY COMISSION. They obviously are not giving you anything. They say they sell your home faster. I sold my last listing in two weeks...pretty fast! You get dedicated service until 10 pm at night. Can you call them that late? Is their service personal? What extra marketing do they do for you? Do they give a marketing floorplan? Do they hold open house? Do they explain the process to you? You know realize that you are better served by getting the service you deserve and its all inclusive. They in effect don't save you money... it costs you more in stress and in opportunity lost

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