Sell Your Home Yourself and Save the Commission.

By John Accornero

Sell your home yourself and save the commission!

Its tempting. After all, why pay that agent $30,000? To do what?

The short answer....lawyers don't represent themselves, doctors don't treat themselves, etc.

The grit: buyers "looking for a deal" are going to target you and offer a price less than listed and it could be disastrous.

This averages nationally about 5% of your sales price.

You're going to spend the money or lose it to discounting. WHY NOT JUST FREE UP YOUR TIME?

If you want to be that agent you must:

  1. Feature the home on a broker tour
  2. Field calls all hours of the day
  3. Compile marketing and distribute it
  4. Take professional photographs , compose 3 d marketing
  5. Call everyone you know, broadcast to neighbors
  6. List on the MLS ( which you cant get for free since you're not an agent.
  7. Follow-up on all leads good or bad
  8. Learn about the right disclosures (escrow and title people are not real estate agents)
  9. Issue the correct forms
  10. Call up the top 10 agents in the area
  11. Get the property staged
  12. Review and respond to all offers

As a matter of fact I have a checklist of 100 things the best agents do when marketing a home.

Would you like to become an agent?

You have a full time job and a family that needs your attention to the move that's about to happen? Will you be available for them?

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